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Welcome to Lugnuts Garage, your destination for vintage car service and repair. Our team of skilled technicians is passionate about preserving the unique charm of classic automobiles. Whether it's meticulous restoration, performance upgrades, or routine maintenance, we blend modern technology with timeless craftsmanship to ensure your vintage car looks stunning and performs at its best. Trust Lugnuts Garage for top-notch service dedicated to keeping the spirit of your classic ride alive.

No one likes it when their car needs to be serviced, especially when it’s a classic. Parts can be hard to find and if you need a shop to service it for you it can be hard to put your faith into one and know your car will be taken care of. You need a shop that has a passion for classics, knows what they are doing, respects you and your vehicle, and can be trusted; That shop is Lugnuts Garage.

If your vehicle needs a little extra love to get her running or driving just the way you want give us a call. We have expert technicians that properly diagnose and repair any issues that may come up. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it running around from shop to shop after their service didn’t fix your problem; We get it done right the first time.

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Services we provide:


At Lugnuts, we understand the unique needs of vintage cars, and our skilled technicians take pride in offering specialized alignment services tailored to these automotive treasures. Preserving the authenticity and performance of your vintage car is our top priority. With meticulous attention to detail and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that your vintage beauty enjoys a smooth and perfectly aligned ride. Trust Lugnuts Garage to provide the expertise your classic car deserves, making every drive a nostalgic journey through time.


We specialize in addressing Mopar wiring issues with precision and expertise. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in handling AMP gauge challenges, performing effective bypass solutions, and implementing updated charging systems to enhance the electrical reliability of your classic Mopar vehicle. We also offer meticulous gauge servicing to ensure accurate readings and can expertly replace wiring harnesses, breathing new life into the electrical systems of your cherished vintage car.


Elevate your vintage car's steering with our Electric Power Steering Kits at Lugnuts Garage. Hybrid Electric Power Steering Kit, paired with the Universal IDIDIT Shorty Column, seamlessly integrates with your one-piece steering box and column, eliminating the need for extensive modifications. The system, activated only during turns, measures steering wheel effort and amplifies it with an electric motor. With the Adjustable Potentiometer, customize assistance levels for parking lots and highways. The GPS Auto Adjust option ensures automatic assistance based on your vehicle's speed. Trust Lugnuts Garage for a modern driving experience without compromising the authenticity of your vintage vehicle.

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Unleash the full potential of your vintage car's performance with Ridetech suspension installations at Lugnuts Garage. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to elevating your driving experience by expertly installing Ridetech suspension systems. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and superior engineering, Ridetech suspension components enhance ride quality, handling, and overall driving dynamics. Whether you're seeking improved cornering, a smoother ride, or a lowered stance, our team at Lugnuts Garage is committed to delivering precision and excellence in every Ridetech suspension installation. Trust us to transform your vintage ride into a modern marvel while preserving its timeless charm. Drive with confidence and comfort – choose Ridetech suspension installations at Lugnuts Garage.

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Upgrade your vintage car's stopping power with our expert disc brake conversion installations from Speedway Motors at Lugnuts Garage. We specialize in enhancing the safety and performance of your classic ride by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge disc brake systems. Speedway Motors is renowned for its high-quality components, and our skilled technicians ensure a meticulous installation process. Experience improved braking efficiency, reduced stopping distances, and enhanced overall safety with our disc brake conversion services. At Lugnuts Garage, we're dedicated to bringing modern safety features to your vintage car while preserving its nostalgic appeal. Drive confidently and stop securely – choose our disc brake conversion installations for a safer and more enjoyable vintage car journey.

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We have experience in every field so we can accommodate any problem. Need some engine work? We got it. Suspension isn’t working properly? We got it. Got some rust that needs to be fixed? We got it. Any issue you find under the sun we can help you and get you back on the road for your next Sunday drive.

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