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Diesel Service

Diesel engine maintenance

Diesel engines with hard starting issues or poor performance could be as simple as changing glow plugs, or the grid heater. To properly diagnose what repairs your diesel needs, Lugnuts Garage will conduct a thorough inspection that covers the full diesel system.


Diesel Service Minnesota

Some of the services we offer:

Diesel Service

Engine repair and maintenance


Differential rebuilds and replacement

Diesel Service

Drivetrain repair


Diesel Service

Suspension repair


Injector repair

Diesel Service

Fuel system repair



Turbocharger repairs


  • Hard starting
  • Glow plug replacement
  • EGR system repair
  • and more!


Diesel engine maintenance

Diesel engine maintenance is becoming increasingly more complex with more electronic systems to control their operation but by making sure your maintenance is done correctly based on your driving pattern and the suggested diesel schedule set by the manufacturer we have your back.

Our diesel technicians handle heavy-duty repairs like replacing a Ford or Duramax diesel engine to replacing Duramax injectors to easy maintenance like replacing the engine and frame-mounted fuel filter.

Dodge Ram Diesel Service Minnesota, St Paul, Minneapolis, Diesel Service

We proudly service Ford PowerStroke, Chevy Duramax, and Dodge Cummins light-duty diesel trucks.   

In addition to repairing your vehicle if a problem occurs, we can also perform all of the necessary maintenance on your vehicle including oil changes, tire rotations, radiator services, and anything else to make sure your diesel vehicle is always running at peak performance.

Looking for a new turbo, power chip, or exhaust system to get more out of your diesel vehicle? We do all of that and more. Get the most out of your diesel today by stopping in or calling and talking to one of our expert technicians. Let us help you achieve your goals.

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