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In order to maintain and replace quality engines, we understand the importance of quality maintenance with our Dodge Ram Diesel Service. We have the expertise and diagnostic tools necessary to provide the attention your Cummins diesel engine deserves if it's under the hood of your diesel truck.

For many years, the Dodge Cummins turbo diesel engine has retained its position as a leader when it comes to diesel engines. There have been four generations of six-cylinder engines. The newest was developed in 2010 but the first ones were developed many generations ago. A Dodge Cummins diesel engine will, from time to time, require special attention, especially if your truck consists of one. Whenever you require Dodge Cummins repair service for your Dodge Cummins engine, we deliver honest and meticulous service.

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Despite being well regarded for their long-lasting characteristics, diesel engines, while not resistant to damage, do not last forever. A dirty fuel filter and a bad injector are relatively common problems that are encountered on diesel engines. Whether you fall into any of these conditions or any others, Dodge Ram Diesel Repair and Dodge Ram Diesel Service with us is a great solution for you. Add additional boost and it's recommended to install head studs.

Dodge Ram Diesel Service Minnesota, St Paul, Minneapolis, Diesel Service

Common Dodge Items to service or in some cases De-Dodge


Steering linkage upgrade - We use updated geometry linkage to improve response and death wobble.

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Steering box upgrade - Another Dodge touchpoint we have found that needs updating is the steering box.  We leverage RedHead Steering Boxes.


Ball joint upgrade - Dodge built their front ends way too weak for the weight of a diesel truck. We have a much heavier ball joint we install that will take the weight of the Cummins and large tires and wheels.

Dodge Ram Diesel Service Minnesota, St Paul, Minneapolis

Steering Stabilizer upgrade - We have found adding a dual shock stabilizer greatly improves the feel of the steering wheel and provides much more responsive steering.

Dodge Ram Diesel Service Minnesota, St Paul, Minneapolis

Steering Brace - These are a must for any Dodge Ram truck. These are installed on all our builds and always are part of the front-end upgrade.

Expertise, competence, and trustworthiness.

Expertise, competence, and trustworthiness. Our diesel technicians keep updated with all the latest innovations so that you will always have a Dodge diesel truck that is running smoothly.

You can get the proper adjustments from our certified mechanics here if you want to take your truck's performance up a notch. We service Cummins diesel engines and understand the ins and outs of this technology, we can also provide you with all of the maintenance and repairs, as well as all of the extensive maintenance you will need

Dodge Ram Diesel Service Minnesota, St Paul, Minneapolis
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