When you set out to find a used truck that's in pristine condition, you can guarantee you'll find exactly what you're looking for right here at Lugnuts Garage.

We get all of our trucks from Texas so you don't have to worry about rust decreasing the value of the vehicle you choose. We make all of our trucks we get not only drive like new, we make them look like new as well.

We take pride in being a trusted source of quality used Dodge Diesel Trucks that drivers can rely on.

Discover your dream truck today. We're eager to get you behind the wheel of a rust free truck that meets all of your driving needs as well as your budget.

Once you go rust free you will never buy another salt belt truck. The value in zero rust is not only limited to the body. We see fuel tanks falling off, brake and fuel lines rusting away and causing big problems. Leaf springs shackles disappearing. But for us, it's so much easier to do any work on a rust free truck. A rust-free trucks value increases by at least $3000 sometimes, even more, depending on the age and popularity.

Rust free parts. Another service we offer is locating rust free parts. We bring these up when we ship our trucks. So if you're looking for anything from the body to suspension parts just fill out the form listing bellow with your request.

If you're looking for a rust-free truck we can help. We do specialize in Dodge Ram’s but we do also build and locate all brands. We have a team of people who live in the south constantly out looking for our customers. So if you're looking for something specific just fill out the form below with your desired truck and your budget along with any special features.

One thing to note. In the south things can be pretty far apart and these trucks will normally have in the 200,000 miles or so on them. Depending on the year.

We have helped many customers locate their dream truck.

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