Monday the boys got to work reinstalling the transmission on Andy’s ‘05 Cummins. Once it was bolted in place, we gave it a new coat of paint to match the rest of the parts and for added protection once again. The next day Following the paint, we power washed the entire engine bay getting all of the gunk and grime off restoring it to its original clean and shiny state. We then reinstalled the fuel tank as well as the fuel lines and wiring harness. Jaden also reinstalled the tow hitch and exhaust, later replaced the U-joints in the front driveshaft.

Meanwhile Matthew was working on the transfer case. We discovered a big crack in the old casing so we ordered a brand-new half. Wednesday Matthew spent the day rebuilding it along with adding some new seals and bearings as needed. Thursday Matthew and Jaden installed the transfer case as well as the front and rear drive shafts. This truck is now complete when it comes to the bottom half, coming up we have the new rust-free body that will be dropped onto the frame and painted.


Driveline is in and ready to roll!


Freshly rebuilt transfer case is looking good, no cracks here.

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