No one likes it when their car needs to be serviced, especially when it’s a classic. Parts can be hard to find and if you need a shop to service it for you it can be hard to put your faith into one and know your car will be taken care of. You need a shop that has a passion for classics, knows what they are doing, respects you and your vehicle, and can be trusted; That shop is Lugnuts Garage.

If your vehicle needs a little extra love to get her running or driving just the way you want, give us a call. We have expert technicians that properly diagnose and repair any issues that may come up. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it running around from shop to shop after their service didn’t fix your problem; We get it done right the first time.

We have experience in every field so we can accommodate any problem. Need some engine work? We got it. Suspension isn’t working properly? We got it. Have some rust that needs to be fixed? We got it. Any issue you find under the sun we can help you and get you back on the road for your next Sunday drive.

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Body and Frame

Fuel Systems

Coolant Systems


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Here are some vintage cars and trucks we have had the pleasure of working on

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