If you find yourself at the gas station getting diesel a little more often than you would like, or you want to get more out of your truck then look no further.

Here at Lugnuts Garage we are a proud distributor of S&B Fuel Tanks. We believe in using the best quality products on all of our vehicle, if you want quality then S&B Fuel tanks are the best way to upgrade your diesel trucks tank. They mount in the stock tank mounting location and have minimal effect on ground clearance and easily allow you to reprogram your distance to empty. S&B Fuel Tanks also reuse factory fuel components but also have an aftermarket fuel system mount if you so choose to upgrade.

S&B provides fuel tanks for Dodge Ram Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, and GM Duramax trucks, ranging from 40 gallons all the way up to 70 gallons(depending on vehicle).

Contact us today and ask us about S&B Fuel Tanks!

Here is a 56 gallon tank being installed on a 2015 Ford F-350 along with a Fass Titanium Fuel System

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