Keeping with the recent trend of cool classics in the shop check out what just rolled in the door. This is a 1960 Chevy Impala 2 door convertible. Similar to the Barracuda this car has some fairly basic repairs like light functions, oil change, and some trim work. But it does have some more in depth repairs like a transmission fluid leak paired with shifting linkage issues and some new shocks all around.

Like always as much as we would like to sit around and stare at something like this we value our customers time more, so we will be getting all the necessary repairs done allowing this beauty to hit the town as soon as possible.

2022-08-01 14.24.50
2022-08-01 14.24.44
2022-08-01 14.24.31
2022-08-01 14.25.38
2022-08-01 14.25.28
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