You may remember this 69' Barracuda from a post earlier this month, well all repairs are complete and she is ready to go home. We installed the rear seat belts, and swapped out sections of the grille for the best pieces, as well as fixed some electrical issues with the lights. This car came to us as a no start with the key and had both an oil leak as well as a transmission leak. The culprit of the no start was some bad wires going to the transmission, oil leak was the rear main seal and the transmission leak was caused by a bad trans pan gasket. Fixing those issues and a quick replacement of the rear lower shock mount brackets to remove a clunking noise she is done.

2022-08-09 10.31.12
2022-08-09 10.32.24
2022-08-09 10.27.36
2022-08-09 10.27.12
2022-08-09 10.27.55
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